Digital Grounding System

Digital Grounding System for Earthing Solution

Digital Grounding System (DGS)

Ennob Infraa Solution has established itself as a renowned supplier of an extensive range of products such as Digital Grounding System, Maintenance Free Earthing, ESE Lightning Arrester, Railway Earthing Material, and Solar Power Plant Earthing & Lighting Systems.

As a world-class manufacturer and supplier of Digital Grounding systems, we have established a firm name in the marketplace. Our introduced products are extensively acclaimed and acknowledged for their high performance and low maintenance cost.

    DGS Provides Ultimate Shield to the Digital Equipment Like:-

  • Communication Equipment
  • Complex Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Servers
  • PLC Drives

    Major Advantage Of DGS:-

  • Total lightning surge shield
  • Provide lowest impedance ground
  • Static charge eliminator
  • Provide low impedance path to leakage current
  • Provides equi-potential common grounding
  • Maintain earth to neutral voltage less than 1 volt

    Key Technical Features- GDS:-

  • Works on energy conversion code it is also known as Digital Grounding Apparatus
  • Delivers low impedance ground to eliminate static charge & leakage current
  • Provides Equi-Potential bonding to all the equipment and enhance the earth resistance
  • Integrated Protection System to shield equipment’s depending upon the electrical wiring layout
  • GDS Detect Surges and convert them into the Heat Energy and dissipate through Low Impedance Ground. These Surges enters via Electrical & Communication Lines through Conductive Structure (Like Communication cable, IF Cables, RF Cables, water pipe, Gas pipeline, steel structure etc.).

    Digital Grounding System Provides Prefect Protection Solutions for the Following Environment:-

  • Automated, Networked, Data Communication Systems that requires Lightning Surge Shield
  • Frequently surge damaged sites which could not find ideal solution
  • Rocky Mountain Area

Digital Grounding System

DGS - Mile Grade 240KA

DGS - Mile Grade 240KA Digital Grounding Device with Surge Protection System is designed with various Indian power conditions in mind, and is tested in India, in Indian laboratories, to demonstrate its ability to meet its challenges. It is built in a modular style for ease of repair and replacement. It has a well-trained expert team to assist with pre-installation site surveys, installation, and after-installation service support.


  • Total Lightning Surge Shield
  • Provide the lowest possible impedance ground
  • Static Charge Remover
  • Provide a low-impedance path for current leakage
  • Equi-Potential common grounding is provided
  • Maintain an earth-to-neutral voltage of less than one volt

Digital Grounding System

DGS - Mile Grade 480KA

With its integrated Surge & Spike Protection, Common Low Impedance Grounding, Equi-Potential Function, and Static Elimination via Energy conversion (converting them into very low heat) function without the need for a separate ground and also by creating a very low impedance path to leakage current, DSS provides ideal protection to all types of Digital Electronic Equipment.


  • Total grid disturbance protection for digital equipment.
  • Total protection against lightning and switching surges for digital equipment
  • Lowest Impedance Grounding is provided.
  • Static Charge Remover
  • Low impedance path for leakage current.
  • Event monitoring is available online

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